Microsoft announces tons of Windows 8 app updates in time for the official launch

with the details.

Windows 8 Apps – Quality is key here

This is great news and helps solidify the fact that 2000+ apps isn’t a true problem in Windows 8. it isn’t about how many apps are there in the market from day one. Yes, apps are extremely important, that much is true. The problem is that many people confuse the statement “apps are extremely important” as meaning that quantity is the most important thing. Variety is the spice of life, but quality is the true key. Microsoft might not have the best 3rd party apps yet, but they are certainly working hard to make sure that their 1st party offerings are nothing short of brilliant. When I first starting playing with Windows 8 Developer Preview – such a long time ago – my biggest complaint was that the apps felt to simple. They looked pretty with the new UI, but their capabilities were limited compared with what was out there on other mobile platforms. I was reminded by several readers at that time that this was an early preview and that I was expecting too much. Fair enough. Now it seems they were 100%-right. Microsoft is taking this launch very seriously. I look forward to trying all the updates first-hand. Are you pumped for the official commercial release of Windows 8? Are the 1st party apps and existing 3rd party offerings enough, or is there a few ‘killer’ apps that you feel are missing right now?]]>

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