Microsoft, At One Point, Considered Renaming Internet Explorer

session on Reddit earlier today, the Internet Explorer team was asked if they ever considered branding the browser to move away from the negative associations, the team confirmed that they did, in fact, thought long and hard about this. The answer illustrates that story:

“It’s been suggested internally; I remember a particularly long email thread where numerous people were passionately debating it. Plenty of ideas get kicked around about how we can separate ourselves from negative perceptions that no longer reflect our product today.”
This particularly long thread, it appears, was quite recent. But ultimately, the final decision was to keep the same name. Which sounds much more logical, to be fair. Internet Explorer still has a lot of brand equity, more so in the corporate world — which is something that Microsoft can build again if they renamed it, but it would take a while. And considering just how much recent versions have improved, there is little point in it, anyway. What do you think?]]>

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