Microsoft attempts to fight back the Ipad

January 24, 2011

Interesting news from Mary Jo foley.

Microsoft is making marketing collateral available to its reseller partners to help them defend against the iPad’s encroachment into the enterprise market.

The presentation makes no reference to Windows Next or Windows 8, which is expected to be the first version of Windows that Microsoft will optimize for slates, among other form factors. It also makes no reference to the Windows Phone OS, which some believe — in spite of its Version 1.0 status — should/could be a better operating system than Windows for slate devices.

The PowerPoint does, however, show how the Softies are encouraging partners to position slates and tablets running Windows 7 vs. the iPad. There are suggestions in the deck for how to sell to business users who alredy have committed to the iPad, as well as to ones who haven’t yet done so.

You can see a sample slide below..

Here’s a link to the article and full deck

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  • Makes sense based on the ass whipping the ipad has been giving them

    Oliver Wentworth January 25, 2011 7:56 am Reply

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