Microsoft Azure and Governance

With Azure Governance you can make sure you are fully compliant with all internal policies and external regulations using the Governance capabilities built right into Azure.

And developers will get complete flexibility and control to develop and deliver applications much faster.

Why Azure Governance?

  • Built-in Compliance – Built into Azure are more 70 compliance certifications and plenty of built-in policies that ensure your business stays fully compliant with all regulations
  • Adaptive Policy Control – You can choose whether to apply policies in specific areas of your business or across the environment as a whole and, as your business needs grow, you can scale to your requirements.
  • Better Experience for Developers – Your developers can stay fully focused on their business goals, leaving tasks related to compliance to Azure, using the Azure Governance infrastructure management tools and self-service provisioning.

How Does Azure Governance Work?

Azure Governance offers enterprise users plenty of features and services to choose from, including:

  • Azure Policy – Policy-based management implementation for every Azure service.
  • Azure Blueprints – Easily create environments that are fully compliant with regulations and apply a choice of group policies to all new subscriptions to Azure.
  • Azure Management Groups – Take advantage of flexible hierarchies to apply policies to several subscriptions at once.
  • Azure Resource Graph – Get quick and easy visibility into all your enterprise resources.

Azure Governance for Multiple Scenarios

  • IoT – Take advantage of Azure Governance for all data collected from IoT assets, devices and sensors using Azure IoT
  • DevOps – Implement full Azure governance on all SAP workloads by using SAP with Azure
  • Blockchain – Easily enable Azure governance for cloud security on all your distributed apps that are developed and deployed using Azure Blockchain.

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