Microsoft Azure and Backup and Archive

Ensure your applications and your data are fully protected regardless of where they reside and avoid the expense of interruption to business and to ensure that you meet all compliance requirements.

Extend your on-site backup storage and archiving systems securely to the cloud, cutting costs and reducing complexity while achieving full scalability and efficiency.

Why Azure for Backup and Archive Solutions?

With Azure solutions for backup and archive you can:

Increase your Capacity While Decreasing Costs

As your enterprise data grow, keep pace with it while reducing the costs of management and deployment.

Using a cloud solution that offers low costs, infinite scalability and a fully tiered backup service will significantly reduce your forecasting risks and transform your commitments to capital expenditure to a cloud model on a PAYG basis.

Take The Hassle Out of Backup and Data Archiving

Improve productivity in your organization by reducing the time spent on management and maintenance of your on-site storage infrastructure and software for backups.

Simplify your backups and data archiving by using a combination of Backup as a Service (BaaS) and hybrid solutions for storage that will restore your applications and data easily from the cloud.

Compliance Goals Always Met

Take full advantage of a range of policies designed to meet regulatory or business compliance requirements.

Azure offers the most comprehensive compliance policy of any cloud provider, with more than 99 years of data backup retention on offer and the choice of any Azure region anywhere in the world for the storing your backups and data archives.

Keep All Branch and Remote Offices Running Smoothly

Moving your storage system for backups to the cloud ensures you can save money in infrastructure investment for both branch and remote offices.

Expensive intranet can easily be replaced with low-cost internet and you can choose your region for storing your data archives, ensuring your data is protected by enterprise-grade security, both at rest and in transit.

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