Microsoft Azure and Business Intelligence BI

Azure DevOps solutions can help you to change the way you use company data to make fully informed decisions.

Get much deeper insights so you can spot the trends as they happen and always know what’s going on. Using BI (Business Intelligence) tools and solutions, your organization will always understand data and act on it quickly.

The Right Insight, The Right Hands

Everyone in your organization can have access to powerful BI and analytical tools to drive more efficient and faster decision making. Data from several sources can be combined to build better reports and gain better analytics.

Secure Integration and Management of Business Intelligence

Integrate with systems you already use by choosing a BI platform that is business ready and rich in features. Maximize your resources, monitor asset and data access, ensure full security and compliance with regulations and deliver a solution designed around your business requirements.

Bring Data Alive

Give customers access to valuable data at any time, on any device, easily. You can embed visual analytics that are fully interactive and up to date in your applications very easily without having to waste time and money writing code.

Use Power BI Solution Templates

Have your Power BI solution up and running very quickly; begin with an end-to-end template that is enterprise-ready and fully working that fully incorporates the best business and technical practices. Choose from apps such as:

  • Microsoft Project Online
  • Office 365 Adoption
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Azure Enterprise
  • Analytics for Salesforce
  • GitHub
  • And hundreds more

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