Microsoft Azure and Business SaaS Apps

Serve and engage your customers much better by gaining and using business intelligence and insights from Azure, allowing you to build SaaS (Software as a Service) business apps.

These apps will provide better operational efficiency, a more flexible scale, and total security for data, all the while significantly increasing your opportunity for revenue.

Why Azure for Business SaaS Apps?

Game-Changing Efficiency

Take full advantage of what Azure offers to claw back the time traditionally spend on hardware and update management.

Centralize all your customers into one multi-tenant installation that will reduce complexity, variety, costs and will fully scale with your business. Make use of the full range of tools for machine learning and monitoring to create the environment required by your SaaS apps.

Protect Your Customer’s Data

Your customers demand a secure environment and with Azure you can give it to them with the built-in highly available (99.99%) SLA, ensuring consistency in performance, along with multiple intelligent security layers to prevent any unauthorized or malicious access to customer data.

By using Azure to build your apps you get the most comprehensive compliance coverage that any cloud service provider offers.

Engaging User Experiences

Take advantage of rich experiences that are totally personalized, along with recommendations provided with machine learning algorithms, all ready to use, to deliver new and better value to all your customers.

Business intelligence is embedded to help you provide visualizations that are interactive so your customers can gain insights into their own data.

A Flexible Platform on a Global Scale

Retain the developmental environment that suits your business, regardless of whether you are starting from the beginning or transferring to the cloud.

Take full advantage of an approach based on microservices or of containerization without having to change huge amounts of code and build a cloud platform that is reliable and that scales together with your business on a global scale.

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