Microsoft Azure and Development and Test

Deliver bigger and better features quicker than ever before using a comprehensive set of tools for development and testing so your team can collaborate effectively and deliver applications at cloud speed.

Using on-demand, scalable infrastructure you can create consistent environments for developing and testing on your terms.

  • Create better Applications With More Time – With a range of development testing solutions, you can leave your development team to do their jobs, to build top applications, while reducing the hassle and the time needed to manage development efforts.
  • Build For Multiple Platforms – Introduce cross-platform functionality to your development and testing environment using your own preference of coding language to build and test applications on the platforms and devices in use today, including Windows, Linus, iOS, Android and more.
  • Create Dev-Test Environments Quickly – Simply your dev-test environment process and speed it up. Provision VMs in seconds and pay by the minute. Set up any number of VMs to suit your needs, network them all and allocate them to developers. Maintain central control or allow your developers to self-provision, allowing for much better environment management.
  • Scalable Test Environments – Replicate the real-world use for different scenarios and test applications at production scale, enabling you to quickly find and fix issues before release If you have your production environment on Azure, create a clone and get a view of how applications behave in the real world.
  • Maximize Control, Keep Waste to a Minimum – Keep a tight control over resource usage and access utilization data (real-time) to minimize the waste. With advanced automation, you can cut the risk of errors; with unified management you can balance control with access and, with a range of enterprise-ready governance capabilities, you can control your costs, setting limits where needed.
  • Make Your Budget Go Further – Experiment on Azure with low rates for your dev-test environment. Set up everything you need, as and when you need it and fully explore every scenario before production.

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