With Azure, you can deliver your software more reliably and much faster, regardless of the size of your IT department and what tools you already use.

Why Azure for DevOps?

Azure DevOps helps you to simply and speed up your cloud development, improving it with:

  • CI – Continuous Integration – Continuous integration helps you to improve the quality and speed of your software. Build your apps in the cloud with Azure DevOps and deploy them Azure knowing that, whenever code is committed, it will be built and tested automatically, thus detecting any bugs much faster.
  • CD – Continuous Delivery – Your code and your infrastructure will always be in a production-deployable state with continuous delivery. Combine infrastructure as code (IaC) with continuous integrations and your deployments will be identical; you will also be confident that, should it be needed, you can deploy manually to production whenever you want.
  • CI/CD With Continuous Deployment – Your entire process can be automated, from committing the code to production when you take advantage of continuous deployment, so long as your CI/CD testing is a success. With CI/CD practices, you can deliver the features your customers want safely and on time.

With Azure DevOps on your side, you can also:

  • Increase your repeatability and reliability by automating environment configuration and provisioning with IaC. You can capture definitions from the environment – declarative code like YAML or JSON – and then provision an environment that is identical using DevOps tools like Terraform, Ansible or Azure Resource Manager
  • Gain actionable insights by monitoring the health of your infrastructure with Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics, integrating right into dashboards already in existence. With Application Insights, you can gain actionable insights by managing application performance and getting instant analytics.
  • Enhance your security and compliance by using Azure DevOps tools like Azure Policy and Chef Automate. With these tools you can easily ensure compliance by managing your provisioned applications and infrastructure. Combine these tools with other services such as Azure Security Center and your exposure to threats will be limited and you will be able to find vulnerabilities and take remedial action.

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