Microsoft Azure and Digital Marketing

Engage with customers on a global basis with personalized digital marketing offers and experiences. Build digital campaigns and launch them quickly, campaigns that will scale automatically as customer demand increases.

Analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and make improvements where needed with rich data analytics at your fingertips.

Why Azure for Digital Marketing?

With Azure solutions for digital marketing, you can

Create Timely, Personalized Customer Experiences

No two customers are the same and all will require different content. With the Azure digital marketing platform, you can launch and update your marketing site quickly, based on the behavior of your users, feedback from customers or by moves made by competitors.

To have an impact your digital marketing plan must connect with customers- right time, right place. With Azure you can build companion apps for mobile devices, allowing you to share the right offers with the right customers, wherever they are.

Forget Best Guesses; Optimize With Data

You have one main goal – gain new customers and increase revenue and that means continually improving the performance of your campaign.

With Azure you can use a range of campaign and marketing tools that will help you use predictive analytics and data to better understand your customers and their behavior, helping you to improve your campaigns.

Stay Ahead of Your Nearest Competitors

One of the most critical factors in any marketing campaign is time to market. With Azure, your development team can get digital marketing experiences built quickly, making use of the tools they love and the skills they already have.

With solutions for content management the owner of your campaign can create their content straight to your website and you can preview the changes as they happen, going live within seconds.

Be Ready For Your Campaign To Take Off

When your campaign becomes hugely successful, you can ready to meet the increase in customer demand. To ensure that regional campaigns perform to their maximum, choose data-centers near to your customers for deployment.

Where other services make a charge for maintaining maximum capacity on an ongoing basis, Azure scales with your business, up and down, to save you money on your campaign budget.

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