Microsoft Azure and Digital Media

Digital media is the best way to transform your business, allowing you to educate and engage with your employees and to connect with and interact with your customers.

With Azure digital media services you can build and deploy your video solutions quickly, scale as required and deliver your digital content wherever and whenever you want, on any device.

Why Azure for Digital Media?

With Azure digital media services, you can

Increase Engagement with Your Videos

By introducing an element of personalization to your videos, be it your marketing campaign, in a classroom, on your e-commerce site or through a portal for customer services, your videos can drive engagement and provide your customers with the most vivid experience ever.

Connect with Your Audience

Anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether your customers are looking for entertainment or information, you can deliver the digital content they want, when they want it and on any device.

It doesn’t matter where they are located, or what their connection speeds are, you can provide your customers with the highest quality playback for the video content you deliver.

Gain Actionable Intelligence

The digital media you provide offers a real treasure chest full of useful information. With leading, innovative machine learning you can find that information and use it.

Make use of new ways to discover content by extraction characters, spoken word and emotions and automatically process audio and video feed to improve operations.

Use a Comprehensive Media Platform to Gain Business Agility

Speed up time to market and gain huge benefits from your customer’s feedback. With the most comprehensive and reliable of all cloud and media service providers, you can iterate very quickly and adopt a fully agile approach to your business.

Scale As Required

As your videos go viral and your campaign begins to take off, the cloud can help you to scale as required on a PAYG basis, paying only for what you use. And, with more regions than Google and AWS together, Azure helps your business to expand with ease.

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