Microsoft Azure and Disaster Recovery

Even the smallest of outages can cause you a huge disadvantage in competitive terms so make sure your business continuity plan has disaster recovery built-in for all your IT systems, big or small, without having to pay for a secondary infrastructure.

Why Azure for Disaster Recovery?

With Azure you can

Protect all IT Systems

Achieve low targets for RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for each and every IT system in your, in a simple and cost-effective way.

Cut out the hassle of having to set up secondary datacenters, along with the associated cost, and tap into an almost infinite system of capacity at less than a moment’s notice using Azure services for cloud-based disaster recovery.

Data Management, Protection and Security Unified

Meet all your compliance and continuity business goals throughout the entire lifecycle of your applications and secure all your data using industry-leading security and protection, with encryption features built in.

Your Apps Work When You Need Them To

When an outage occurs or you are hit with a disaster scenario, you can be assured that an Azure disaster recovery solution will protect your applications with native support for a whole range of enterprise applications; more support than any other cloud service provider offers.

Have automated recovery plans in place to protect your apps and your data center up and running in hours, rather than taking weeks, even months to set up.

Perform Tests Anytime You Want

When disaster strikes, the very last thing you want is for problems to arise. You can test your continuity plans or run dev-tests on copies of your production workloads whenever you want in Azure.

And you can test brand new versions of your applications using live data copies and then send the new version straight into production in your data center seamlessly.

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