Microsoft Azure and e-commerce

Regardless of the product you sell, you will need scalable e-commerce solutions that are secure and that fully meet your business and customer demands.  With Azure DevOps, you can engage customers through a series of customized offers and products, quickly process transactions securely and focus your efforts on fulfilling customer service requirements.

Why Azure for E-commerce?

Provide Customers With What They Want

You can’t sell a product unless your customers want to buy it. Using the Azure e-commerce platform, you can easily analyze traffic and conversion rates to produce special offers and products based on what customers are looking at.

You can create shopping experiences that are personal, targeting specific customers with specific offers and content. The result is an increase in customer satisfaction from start to finish.

More Sales, More Often, More Secure

More customers equal more transactions and you need to be ready to handle every one of them smoothly and securely. With Azure, you can design the e-commerce experience that customers can navigate easily and deploy it to a compliant and secure e-commerce platform.

Meet Customer Demand

Your e-commerce solution must be able to meet the demands of your customers and must be able to adapt easily to seasonal demands.

Be prepared to handle predictable and unpredictable demand, more customers and transactions easily and automatically. Plus, with cloud economics, you only pay for what you use in terms of capacity.

Every Point in the Supply Chain must be Optimized

Increasing your bottom line isn’t just driven by sales. You can save by streamlining the supply chain, cutting down on support costs,  and increasing both supplier and seller satisfaction by using a series on self-service portals.

By using order information and historical data you can also improve the management of your inventory and cut your shipping costs.

Focus in the Right Direction

 With e-commerce, your focus should be on sales not on managing your IT infrastructure. Use ready-built cloud services, you can create a solution that boosts sales performance and leaves the rest to your cloud provider.

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