Microsoft Azure and Gaming

With today’s games needing more powerful tools for development, flexible, global multiplayer support and brand new models for revenue, Azure has you covered.


PlayFab is now a fully-fledged part of the massive Microsoft family, offering a backend platform for live gaming and a very powerful way of helping independent studios get off the ground.

With the service and features that PlayFab offers, you can boost customer engagement, revenue and retention while reducing costs using game services, LiveOps and real-time analytics.

Using Azure cloud services, you can build your entire gaming infrastructure on a gaming cloud that offers decades of experience. With Azure you get the building blocks needed to scale and customize what you began with PlayFab.

What Azure Offers

With Azure on your side you can:

Build Better Games

And get them to market faster. Build a higher quality of game using an entire toolkit of solutions for game development

Launch And Scale on a Global Basis

Launch your games globally and scale easily using Azure’s building blocks

Take Advantage of Intelligent Monetization

Using analytics, LiveOps and machine learning you can uncover ever more opportunities for monetization and revenue.

The Best Company

From the smallest of indie developers to the largest gaming names in the world, Azure is behind the best games that get the best results:

  • Ubisoft – Immersive global multiplayer gaming powered by Azure on Rainbox Six Siege.
  • IO Interactive – Hitman pushes way past expectation by real-time analysis of player behavior.
  • Tencent – uses Azure Service Fabric to refine their gaming solution on the cloud
  • Next Games – uses Azure Cosmos DB to scale games like The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land on a global basis
  • Halo 5 – uses Azure Cosmos DB to raise social gaming using Spartan companies
  • Microsoft Studios – analysis of hundreds of billions of game events daily help Microsoft Studios to deliver fantastic experiences on the Xbox.

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