Microsoft Azure and High Performance Computing

Cast aside the limitations and the overheads your on-site infrastructure ties you to and tap into a system that offers unlimited resources to enable you to scale HPC (high-performance computing) tasks.

You can run simulations, analyze data on a large scale, run financial models and experiment, all speeding up time to market.

Why Azure for HPC?

With Azure services and tools for HPC, you can

Use a Cray Supercomputer

Use a Cray Supercomputer to run the most demanding workloads near to the Azure services that you already take advantage of.

Complement your existing Azure virtual network by adding a dedicated Cray supercomputer and gain benefits in faster innovation, get access to more advanced services and consolidate your entire IT footprint.

Stay on Budget While Scaling on-Demand

As your data demands grow and you have more to process, you can take advantage of elastic extension of compute capabilities by tapping into a range of cloud services. Using Azure’s HPC capabilities you can scale as required while staying within your budget.

Achieve Results by Adjusting Access

Scientific experiments are responsible for a significant rise in data and that rise means that there is a much higher need for sharing, processing and protecting that data With Azure HPS capabilities, you can bring scalable and collaborative access that is fully secure from anywhere and at any time to all your users.

Speed Up Time To Market

By adding in flexible compute resources, you can add more detail and more scale, resulting in significantly improved results much quicker. The ultimate result will be an increase in productivity and your time to market will be much reduced.

Create Market Disruption

It doesn’t matter whether you are reinventing classic business apps, providing a new architecture for proven scenarios or pushing your data-driven into complete overdrive, you will need brand new architectures that are fast and are flexible.

With Azure you can build those architectures, and watch them grow, shrink and adapt to customer demand, causing market disruption with your newest products.

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