Using the hybrid cloud environment, modern applications can be built with more control and more flexibility using a consistent set of skills, tools, processes and services.

  • More Efficient – with a consistent set of DevOps tools and processes and Azure services, together with your own skills to take advantage of consistent development and deployment of applications.
  • Continuous Innovation – make use of the updates to existing services and new Azure services, not to mention the Azure Marketplace applications to take advantage of the continuous innovation provided by Azure.
  • Deploy Your Own Way – deploy applications to where you need them – on-site, in the cloud or to both. Base your decisions on your business, regulatory and technical regulations rather than limitations or complications.

Azure Services On-Site

With Azure Stack, businesses can adopt the hybrid cloud environment that they want on their terms. With IaaS capabilities provided by Azure,  organizations can go way beyond traditional virtualization and can develop and build the most innovative of applications.

With consistent PaaS capabilities, development is made simpler and hybrid development portability and choice are fully enabled.

Bringing IaaS and PaaS services together using management tools that Azure users, including Active Directory, to administer and manage Azure Stack Identities.

Faster App Building

Hybrid app development can be made much faster, using components directly from the Azure Marketplace to develop and build apps quickly. Those components include a huge choice of open source technologies and tools that you may already be familiar with, ensuring that you can integrate your applications with current Azure services and those that will arrive in the future.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Hybrid Connectivity – use Azure Stack to deploy Azure Services on site or in the cloud, using consistent application logic, operations methodology and development paradigms.
  • Hybrid Identity – even if your business requires that application components are kept on-site, this doesn’t have to be a block to the adoption of cloud technology. Azure Stack allows app components to stay on-site while still interaction with Azure public cloud components. This enables intelligent identity management for both users and applications consistently across the cloud.

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