Microsoft is intending to invest around $5 billion over the next few years into the Internet of Things with the goal of providing all customers with the power and the tools to transform their business using connected solutions.

Their idea is simple – gain insights from all your connected devices and then turn them into action using powerful applications on Azure, the leading IoT development platform in the world.

Why Azure for IoT?

Because Azure provides you with the tools you need to reduce the complexity of your tasks, bring your costs down significantly and hasten the time to market.

Azure offers a whole host of IoT solution accelerators and services designed around multiple industries and scenarios, including predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, connected products and smart spaces.

The Azure Internet of Things is a series of cloud services, Microsoft-managed that connect billions of assets together, monitoring them and controlling them. Simply put, IoT solutions are a series of IoT devices combined with at least one back-end service, in the cloud and communicating with one another.

IoT Industry Solutions

Together with their partners, Microsoft delivers IoT solutions specific to each industry, all backed up with years of experience. It doesn’t matter whether you want to change the way your products are made, save on energy or build an entire smart city, Azure IoT has the services and solutions needed to do whatever you want.

Azure IoT offers plenty of development options, its open nature allowing customers to use their preferred language and the SDKs they already have to quickly develop, to get their devices connected, gain those insights and achieve driven results.

Who Uses Azure IoT?

Thousands of customers are already using Azure IoT to drive their business results:

  • Rolls-Royce
  • The State of Alaska
  • Johnson Controls
  • Kohler
  • Sandvik Coromant
  • Schneider Electric
  • Roche Diagnostics

And many more, a testament to the success that Azure IoT can help every business recognize.

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