Microsoft Azure and Microservice Applications

Microservices are a style of software architecture. Applications within a microservice are made up of independent modules, each of which communicates with the rest through fully defined APIs. All of these modules are building blocks, decoupled and small enough that they can each implement one functionality.

Microservices architectures make it much simpler to develop applications and to scale them, as well as fostering collaboration between self-governing teams and helping them to get the latest functionalities to market much quicker.

Why Azure for Microservice Applications?

With Azure Microservices, you can

  • Build Your Services Independently – Applications based on microservices are built as collections of decoupled services, each handling one action. Teams can build their services independently, verifying, deploying and monitoring each one.
  • Autonomously Scale Services – Scale independent services based on their individual demands without any impact on the overall performance, instead of having to scale the whole app.
  • Choose the Best Approach – Give your development teams the flexibility to choose the right approach for deployment, the right language, the right platform and the right programming model for each individual service.
  • Locate and Isolate Points of Failure – When you use Microservices, you can isolate potential points of failure for each service, greatly improving both reliability and security. Individual service can be retired or even replaced without any effect on the rest of the structure.
  • Deliver Value Much Faster – Your development teams can easily deploy independent modules very quickly and you can have several teams each working on a different service simultaneously, pushing features and functionalities into production much quicker.

You can also:

  • Make your application lifecycle much simpler though Azure development tools and managed services
  • Know that you can develop reliable and secure applications on a trusted platform fully certified for compliance
  • Improve performance with managed and automated on-demand scaling
  • Be more flexible and adapt to business needs much faster

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