Microsoft Azure for Mobile

Developing for mobile has never been easier; using Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), you can connect with customers and users regardless of where they are and you can create experiences tailored to your customer based on their behavior and interests.

By using DevOps, tools and cloud services, your time to market will be significantly reduced.

Why Azure for DevOps?

With Azure DevOps, you can:

  • Build once, reach any platform. Write your apps in one code and aim that at any platform, be it Windows, iOS or Android. Use the current skills your team possesses to expand your audience significantly and reuse existing code from other developmental projects to save time.
  • High-quality apps shipped faster. The lifecycle of your mobile apps can be automated on any platform, be it iOS, Android, Windows, tvOS or Mac OS. Your Git repository can be easily connected so you can build in the cloud, test your apps on real mobile devices, distribute your applications to beta testers and use analytics and crash data to monitor real-world use.
  • Use continuous learning to simply development. End-to-end development can be streamlined through continuous integration and delivery, allowing you to create high quality apps that your customers want. Apps can be tested on real devices, distributed to the beta testers, deployed to app stores and insights collected in real-time for continuous improvement.
  • Use proven mobile services to enrich apps. We all know that no two apps are exactly the same but all have some building blocks in common. Your developers can focus their efforts on the logic while Azure DevOps takes care of the rest.

Related Microsoft Products and Azure Services

  • Mobile Apps – build the backend for any mobile app and host it
  • Visual Studio App Center – automate your application lifecycles and ship your apps much faster
  • Azure Cosmos DB – a multi-model database, globally distributes, ideal for any scale

Related Solution Architectures

  • Task-based consumer mobile app – this architecture makes use of Azure App Service Mobile Apps to help simplify user authentication with several identity providers, it stores data and it syncs it
  • Social mobile and web app authentication – a mobile client app that offers a companion web app to help with social image It uses Azure Function to carry out backend image processing
  • Custom mobile workforce app – mobile app architecture that makes use of Azure Directory to keep corporate data safe; data is delivered from an SAP backend to devices using Azure App Service API

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