The collaboration between SAP and Microsoft in 2017 expanded a 20+ year-long alliance by bringing SAP S4/HANA systems to Azure with the result being an ecosystem that provides useful insights and product integration to help make running SAP applications and solutions in the cloud so much easier.

Why Azure for SAP?

Together, Azure and SAP provide users with performance unrivaled by any other collaboration. SAP applications can run in a cloud environment that is reliable, secure and robust.

A cloud environment that covers the most global regions, with a compliance portfolio larger than any other, security embedded right in, industry-leading support and enterprise-grade SLAs.

With Azure you get support for the biggest SAP HANA workloads out of all hyper-scale cloud providers.

  • More than 20 years of partnership and experience
  • Covering 54 regions
  • Flexible scaling, 99.99% SLA

With Azure and Sap together, you can:

  • Meet all your security and compliance needs. Comprehensive compliance offerings help you protect all your data. Microsoft commits themselves to provide high levels of trust, certifications, transparency and full compliance with regulations. Use products like Azure Security Center, Azure Active Directory and Azure applications for application management and monitoring to address all your privacy and security requirements.
  • Increase performance and scale using high-performance infrastructure certified for SAP HANA applications. SAP applications can be run on any database, including SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle Database, SAP ASE and IBM Db2 on any operating system, including Windows, Red Hat Enterprise, SUSE Linux and Oracle Linux.

Other features include:

  • Use on-demand SAP-certified Azure virtual machines
  • Full support for already-owned SAP licenses
  • 40-75% savings on dev-test workloads when you use DevTest Labs and other Azure automation solutions
  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery service

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