Microsoft Azure and Serverless Computing

If you want to reduce the time you spend on infrastructure management and increase the time spent on solving your business problems, you should be using serverless computing on Azure.

Everything, from provisioning to scaling and resource management is all done for you.

Why Azure for Serverless Computing?

With Azure’s serverless computing, you can:

  • Build Your Applications – And focus your attention on business logic without having to worry about servers. Infrastructure management is taken care of with Azure and you get your applications to market faster with a reduction in both operating and infrastructure costs.
  • Take Advantage of Managed Services – With serverless computing on Azure, you get access to unique innovative programming models to keep your event-driven computing simple. With managed services for messaging, data and intelligence, you can create applications that are highly available and scalable while enabling your teams to focus on finding solutions for business problems and not on the management of the infrastructure.
  • Increase Productivity – With Azure serverless computing you get a full toolkit of modern tools, including those for development, management and deployment. Use Visual Studio or Azure CLI for development and debugging, Azure DevOps for continuous deployment and Application Insights for live monitoring to deliver the very best in cloud productivity.
  • Run Serverless Solutions Anywhere – And at any time. Serverless computing functions can be used on-site, within a hybrid environment such as Azure Stack, on an IoT Edge device, and you can deploy them on any orchestrator like Kubernetes and in any other cloud. Azure offers flexible options for deployment, reusable code, and you can rely on one programming model for everything, regardless of your deployment target.