So a logical question to ask at this point is, does Microsoft Azure only support Microsoft Apps and Services?

Absolutely not.

Microsoft Azure offers full support for open source technology so you can pick and choose the technologies and tools that suit you. You can use your own operating system, your own device, your own data source to run your applications.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform that provides support for multiple programming languages, operating systems, tools, frameworks, databases and devices – whatever your requirements are, Azure has the answer.

If you are using Linux, PHP or Java web application platforms, Azure provides full IaaS support, including full development and testing resources for Linux and all your open source components.

With Azure Marketplace, you will find the highest quality support for all of the most popular Linux distributions, cover all your mobile backend requirements with the Marketplace template and Parse Server, and build your mobile and web applications with support for Python, Node.js, Java and PHP web programming languages.

With one managed platform you can run your Windows and Linux applications, and scale them too, easily and with little effort on your behalf. And, using what you already have, the applications you already built, you can team up with Azure in multiple ways:

  • Use Azure Active Directory to add identity and access management to any application, regardless of platform
  • Use Azure Data Lake Analytics to gain insights
  • Connect PHP portals to SharePoint sites
  • Support .NET applications with Linux batch processes
  • Use Visual Studio to make shipping mobile and web apps easier – iOS, Mac OS, Android and Windows
  • Connect to Bitbucket, GitHub and Visual Studio Team repositories
  • Take advantage of the many open source APIs and SDKs to integrate any App Center service you need with your own analytics solution or beta testing platform.
  • And many more ways.

And it doesn’t stop there; Microsoft even extends their open source commitment to their pricing plans. You have the opportunity to provision and discard Linux VMs, paying by the minute for exactly what you use, no more, no less.

With Azure App Service you have everything you need at your fingertips to create mobile backends, websites, web applications and more for any platform or any device, choosing from a multitude of pricing plans to suit your business needs, all billed on a per-second basis.

Microsoft Azure really is one of the most open-source cloud platforms ever developed for the business market, providing a fully managed service for everyone.

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