Microsoft Bakes Marvell ThunderX2 Into Azure

Marvell ThunderX2

Not often do we hear about hardware news related to the Azure platform, but today is one such day. Microsoft is now rocking with Marvell ThunderX2 servers on its cloud platform.

Marvell, a known name in semiconductors, today announced that Microsoft has now begun to deploy internal, production-level servers for its Azure cloud, and these chips are based on its ThunderX2 server processor portfolio.

ThunderX2 is the second generation of the company’s Armv8-based server processors.

These solutions have been optimized for cloud use, and support dual socket configurations to deliver the highest computational performance on an Arm server along with enhancements like balanced IO connectivity, memory bandwidth and capacity.

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As Dr. Leendert van Doorn, Distinguished Engineer over at Azure puts it:

“The deployment of Microsoft’s Project Olympus cloud hardware with Marvell’s ThunderX2 server processor is a milestone that enhances Arm64 product development on Azure cloud infrastructure. Microsoft is committed to driving platform innovation, and our expanded support for silicon architectures is part of our commitment to industry leadership and best practices. Collaborating with Marvell and Ingrasys has resulted in the most complete and highest performing Arm server solution possible for our internal use.”

This collaboration between Marvell and Microsoft began at the OCP US Summit in March 2017, where the two companies demoed cloud service workloads developed for internal use at Microsoft running on the ThunderX2.

Speaking of, the ThunderX2 platform is compliant with Microsoft’s Project Olympus, a next-generation cloud hardware design that the cloud giant has been pursuing.

It also leverages low power consumption, and offers high energy efficiency and an optimized architecture that is well suited to run a range of workloads across scale out cloud configurations and computationally intensive applications.

Read up tons more on Marvell here.

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