Microsoft Band Back In Stock, Make Your Move Now

Microsoft Band sure is an elusive device. Redmond launched its first wearable to a decent level of acclaim, but apparently supplies were ridiculously low and the device went out of stock immediately.

Withstanding the fact that the fitness device was not made available globally.

However, those of you that are patiently waiting to get your hands on Microsoft Band would like to know that the device is back on stock on the company’s website. Things don’t seem to have improved that much in terms of availability, though.

At least not right now.

The company has all sizes in stock at the moment, but there is a limit of one per size per customer.

Microsoft Band In Stock

That could actually be a way to curb on scalpers, though — people that are in for some quick bucks by buying and selling these bands on eBay and other such websites.

Anyway, all sizes are in stock at the time of this writing, and that is all that matters.

Microsoft has given the wearable a decent amount of attention lately, adding in support for features like a new bike tile and a virtual keyboard. Still some issues to be fixed, however, but they will surely be in future firmware updates.

What’s important is seeing this device launch in other markets around the world, particularly Europe.

Fingers crossed, that day is not far off.

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