Microsoft Band Gets A Virtual Keyboard

Microsoft Band may still be a device that is hard to get, but Redmond continues to update its smart fitness band with new features. Features like a virtual keyboard.

The wearable that helps users track their exercises, monitor burned calories, distance travelled and duration of their workouts now boasts a built-in keyboard that can be used to quickly type and send messages to contacts.

You do need a mobile device for this to work, though.

While the keyboard may be displayed onscreen, the messages input are sent to contacts through a smartphone, meaning the Band needs to be paired with a Windows Phone to be able to send these messages. Support for other mobile platforms is reportedly coming soon.

Typing on the 1.4-inch screen is not the most intuitive experience in the world, however.

And Microsoft has tried to make it easier for users who are not used to typing on small screens by adding in support for the Word Flow technology — the same one that is available on Windows Phone.

This allows the device to not only detect the words you type, but also provide accurate suggestions, thereby improving the experience on such a small display.

Redmond is also working on adding predefined messages to make it faster for users that want to send a short message to a contact. These will be fully configurable, and users will have the option to add and edit each entry.

The company also plans to add more features and modes, including the ability to track bike exercises and monitor heart rate when wearing the Band.

More information is expected to be provided at the BUILD 2015 developer conference in April.

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