Microsoft Band Initial Unit Production Was Only 30,000

At least, according to unofficial sources. Redmond has not exactly commented on the production of Microsoft Band, or the number that was produced in the first batch.

But this much is certain that it was low — supply quickly ran out in the first run.

Part of this early success was the appeal of the wearable device, part of it the fact that it was only produced in limited quantities. And as reported here, the company only produced 30,000 units of Microsoft Band, which sold out almost instantly when the device went on sale.

In the United States and Canada, obviously.

Redmond has now amped up availability of the wearable, announcing the Band for more markets, including the United Kingdom.

On paper, a figure of just 30,000 units seems very low.

And it is.

However, not when you consider that the company was only trying to test the market and see if a device like this can actually sell. If everything went according to plan, more units could be produced, which is what is happening right now.

Microsoft still refrains from commenting on the production numbers, with the latest statement being that it is pleased with the great response for the wearable device.

That said, it was refreshing to see lines forming outside Microsoft Stores of buyers looking to get their hands on what is a very capable piece of technology.

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