Microsoft Band On Sale In The UK, Can Be Yours For £169

Or £169.99, if you like to keep tabs on your pennies. Microsoft announced a few weeks back that its Band wearable would be made available in the UK market.

And coming good on that promise, the company is now selling the health and fitness focused device.

Up until now it as only available for preorder in the United Kingdom, but supplies have now hit the shores and can be purchased.

This is its first international launch since the wearable went on sale in the US last year. It can now be purchased direct from the Microsoft Store here. Other retailers in the region also have stock, including Amazon, Curry’s PC World, Dixons Travel, Harrods and O2.

For this United Kingdom launch, Redmond has partnered up with a leading nonprofit healthcare provider Nuffield Health to develop a range of guided workouts for the Band.

These are appropriate for people with all fitness abilities — beginners or experienced.

Everything is, of course, connected to Microsoft’s Health platform, which not only aggregates all these data points, but also servers up actionable data and recommendations to improve the fitness of the wearer over time.

Microsoft Band works with devices running Windows Phone 8.1, Android and iOS.

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