Microsoft believes that millions of employees will soon adopt Windows Phone

bare minimum. And although the company has switched places with BlackBerry, it is yet to really make a mark in the enterprise market. This, partly, has to do with the lack of enterprise features that companies demand from their mobile platforms. However, Microsoft is now rather bullish about its prospects in this domain. With the Windows Phone Enterprise Feature Pack due for release in the first half of 2014, and the Nokia takeover now complete, there is no better time than now to mount an assault in enterprise. Not to mention, Windows Phone 8.1 is a big step forward in terms of enterprise security and management services. This new version of the mobile OS comes with several such features that are sure to increase the interest from enterprise customers. And this is what Microsoft Senior Director Stella Chernyak said in a recent interview with V3:

“A great enterprise phone starts by being a great phone for everyone. To achieve this with Windows Phone 8.1 we did a lot of things to improve the user interface and make it more customizable.”
She then goes on to some of the major new features for Windows Phone 8.1, from the Cortana digital assistant to Universal Application that allows the creation of one application that can be deployed and run on all Windows powered phones and tablets. This ultimately ended up being one of the most praised features by enterprise customers. As a result, Microsoft have raised the bar when it comes to expectations for Windows Phone adoption rate in the next few months, particularly in the business and enterprise market. About time, as they say.]]>

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