Microsoft Brings Bing Right Into Google Chrome

If you can’t beat them, join them. And then beat them! Bing has seen a lot of action these past couple of years, with Microsoft updating its web search service regularly and routinely.

This time around, though, the company is going into Google’s yard.

With the intention of introducing more people to its search service, the company has launched a new extension for the Google Chrome browser that not only highlights the beauty of Bing, but also lets them use the search engine instantly.

The idea is simple, really.

This extension does nothing more than simply loading Bing whenever Google Chrome users create a new tab — it basically is a homepage in a new tab, the only difference being this homepage loads up the Bing search engine automatically.

Not everyone likes to load a search engine every time they open up a new tab.

But there you go.

As things stand, the extension is not without some bugs and issues of its own. It works fine more often than not, but every now and then it simply shows a window full of CSS code.

Users have already reported the issue to Microsoft, so hopefully an update is coming soon.

Download: Bing New Tab Page

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