Microsoft Building A Chromium Based Browser?

Brace for impact! It looks like Microsoft may have had enough of the Edge adventure, as a new report claims that Microsoft is working on yet another web browser.

One that is based on the open source Chromium project.

The same software that Google Chrome is built on.

Yes, the report basically makes clear that Microsoft is done with EdgeHTML, the rendering engine that Edge is built on. What is unclear right now is if Redmond is killing off Edge altogether, or just replacing what is under the hood.

Things could get quite interesting if Windows 10 does indeed ship with three web browsers, though.

While Edge debuted as the default browser on the OS, Microsoft continued to include Internet Explorer for businesses that needed the legacy support. Presumably, organizations that have built around Edge will need support for the EdgeHTML platform.

One way around that would be to include a legacy mode for those that need it, but that is something to be decided.

What we do know is that a browser based on Chrome would also change the rules for apps submitted to the Microsoft Store, and that would mean that Google could submit Chrome there if it wanted to. Right now, submitting a browser to the Store requires it to have EdgeHTML under the hood.

We have intelligence that Microsoft recently submitted to the Chromium project to add support for Windows 10 on ARM.

So, there is movement there.

The codename for this project is Anaheim, a city in California. And according to the report above, we will likely start seeing this Chromium based browser in 19H1 development, which means that it should show up in the next feature update to the OS.

And while this development may be bad for web standards and an open web, and may well make Chromium a monopoly when it comes to rendering engines, the wind had been blowing towards this for a while now.

Edge never really picked up, even with the recent feature updates that Microsoft shipped with the last few versions of Windows 10.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you guys ready for a chromed future?

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