Microsoft Buys Citus Data


Microsoft has acquired Citus Data in a bid to boost its open source databased game in the cloud, with the moving allowing businesses to take advantage of scalable distributed databases.

Across both cloud and on-premises environments.

Citus Data, is a startup known for its PostgreSQL expertise — a database management system that has gained popularity with developers.

Speaking of open source, this move is another sign that Microsoft is going all in with these types of technologies and growing its open source software empire. It follows the company’s blockbuster $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub last year.

This acquisition also gives the Azure platform an edge over AWS as helps the Seattle based company better run open source workloads with more power and scale.

Citus Data Logo

As Rohan Kumar, corporate vice president for Azure data at Microsoft notes in a blog post:

“Working together, we will accelerate the delivery of key, enterprise-ready features from Azure to PostgreSQL and enable critical PostgreSQL workloads to run on Azure with confidence.”

Citus Data takes PostgreSQL and transforms it into databases that can be dispersed over multiple computers. That allows developers to work with even the most demanding apps by bring their databases to ever-larger scales.

Redmond does not plan to change how Citus Data does business at this time.

But going forward, the company is sure to integrate these technologies with the Azure platform. Microsoft is, after all, using openness as a way to pick up business amid competition from Google, and the market leader Amazon in the cloud space.

As for Citus Data, the startup was founded in 2011, and had offices in San Francisco and Turkey.

Check them out here.

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