Microsoft Buys Mover To Simplify Cloud File Migration

Cloud Migration

Another week, another Microsoft acquisition. This time, the Redmond based software titan has added cloud file migration service Mover to its portfolio of acquisitions.

This is a startup that specializes in providing cloud migration services — helping customers transition from one cloud service to another.

With cloud wars raging on, providers like Microsoft and AWS are looking at ways to both simplify and amplify their cloud migration services. The former already has a selection of current offerings for file migration the cloud, and it includes the FastTrack and the SharePoint Migration Tool.

Both services apparently have their own set of limitations, which is what plays into the decision to acquire Mover.

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This acquisition, meanwhile, will expand these capabilities, while also bring in more expertise and technology to help with the development of better migration tools going forward.

Mover offers businesses and organizations the ability to move from a range of popular cloud services, including the likes of Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive into OneDrive and SharePoint. Expect even more action on this front.

And although Microsoft has not gone into specific details of how the Mover acquisition will improve its solutions, but the company did say tease more news at Ignite this year.

That event is taking place from November 4 through 8.

Solid bet that we will have more ore information on how Microsoft plans to integrate Mover and its new capabilities into its platforms like Microsoft 365, making the migration as seamless and cost effective as possible for customers.

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