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Microsoft Closing Cloud Gap With Amazon

Seriously! A survey of IT professionals has revealed that Microsoft is well on track to close the cloud gap with Amazon, the current leader of the public cloud space.

Flexera revealed these insights in the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud report.

Which shows that the number of large companies with a hybrid cloud strategy, or ones that combine public clouds and datacenters to store workloads, has risen from 51% to 58%. Microsoft is the leader in the hybrid cloud space.

It introduced its hybrid cloud solution in 2017, by the name of Azure Stack.

Of course, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud have also announced their very own hybrid cloud offerings in the past year, but Microsoft had been touting this strategy for a long time. This, and that of a mix of on-premises and public cloud services.

Getting back to statistics, more than 84% of these companies have a multicloud strategy, meaning that they store workloads on multiple public clouds, hybrid clouds or datacenters.

Flexera helps companies manage their software and cloud infrastructure, and for this study they surveyed 786 IT professionals in small, medium, and large firms.

In terms of market share, it found that AWS was being used by 61% of the companies, down from 64% last year. The survey further indicated that among the largest enterprises, Microsoft adoption is at an even higher share.

Some 60% of these enterprises use Azure platform, while 67% say the same for AWS.

Jolly good!

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