Microsoft Commits To A Zero Waste Goal By 2030

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That’s more like it! It was at the start of the year that Microsoft announced that it was taking steps to become a carbon neutral company by 2030, and remove all its historical carbon emissions from the environment by 2050.

Now, the software giant is making further commitments to fight climate change.

President Brad Smith has announced today that all of the company’s direct operations, products, and packaging will be zero-waste by the end of this decade. To do this, Microsoft will reduce nearly as much waste as it generates, and reuse or recycle waste from its operations and products.

For instance, all Surface devices and packaging will be made with recyclable materials, alongside diverting as much as 90% of the waste originating from its campuses and datacenters.

One way the firm plans to do this is via the new Microsoft Circular Centers that will be available onsite at all of its 160 datacenters worldwide.

Redmond has also put up this video on how it plans on processing its electronics waste through these new Microsoft Circular Centers:

Microsoft has also announced that it will be removing single-use plastics from the packaging of its business-to-business primary products, as well as its datacenters by 2025.

The software titan is not alone in these commitments of becoming carbon negative and fight climate change. Other companies like Apple have also set similar goals, as the technology industry comes together to protect the planet.

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