Microsoft Completes The Shutdown Of Windows Live Messenger Today

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Today marks the day when Microsoft is set to the complete the retirement of its Windows Live Messenger, with the service poised to go dark in just a few hours.

The last remaining versions of the application are also scheduled to be removed for download.

Microsoft, as you may recall, set April 30 as the target date for the complete retirement of Windows Live Messenger, the company’s popular instant messaging platform with millions upon millions of users around the world.

The retirement process began on April 8 when the English version of the application was discontinued. Other languages followed suit, while the remaining are expected to go dark later today.

Redmond continues urging WLM users to make the move to Skype — the company’s VoIP and communication platform that also includes comes with a messenger along with the ability to make audio and video calls over the Internet.

While Microsoft hopes everyone will give Skype a shot, there has been a little discontent amongst the Windows Live Messenger community, with users expressing their disappointment at the lack of options and features in Skype that the retired instant messaging platform offered.

But by and large, most seem to have upgraded to Skype.

Those who have not have already made backup arrangements, including moving to several third-party chat applications that still support Windows Live Messenger, as Microsoft will only pull the plug off of the protocol at a later date.

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