Microsoft Confident That It Has Fixed The Surface WiFi Issues

If there is one issue on the Surface slates that has been somewhat hard to nail down for Microsoft, it’s the limited WiFi connectivity problem that has affected both the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets.

It is not exactly widespread, but some users have nevertheless experience the problem.

And more importantly Redmond was quick to acknowledge, soon after the release of the tablets. The software titan promised and delivered fixes for the WiFi bug with pretty much every firmware update for the Surface devices. And while some users saw improvements, the issue did not entirely go away.

But now Microsoft has addressed this tacky issue once again in the latest Patch Tuesday updates, and seems quite confident that it has completely fixed the problem.

Brian Hall, the general manager of Microsoft Surface, explained in a dedicated blog post:

“There were improvements back in the March update that reduced the instances of ‘limited connectivity’, and we’ve gone further since then to minimize these events from the Surface side. We take the ability to get and stay connected very seriously and hope that you’ve noticed the improvement.”

Sounds good enough — hopefully the WiFi connectivity problem is a thing of the past now.

This pesky little problem affected several Surface RT and Pro tablets, leaving users little in the way of using their devices to browse the web. A number of unofficial workarounds were suggested, but fingers crossed the official solution takes care of this bug.

Users are recommended to download and apply the latest firmware update released by Microsoft. All patches are, obviously, delivered via the integrated Windows Update option.

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