Microsoft Confirms Locations For Five New Stores Set To Open By Summer

Redmond has quietly been building up its retail presence for a fair while now, and this trend continues at a good pace. The company has just confirmed the location of five new retail stores that are opening their doors for customers as early as this summer.

Microsoft made the announcement in a blog post on The Official Microsoft Blog:

“Our customers continue to tell us that they value our stores for connecting them to the best of Microsoft. This delights us to no end. From the newest touchscreen laptops, desktops, and tablets running Windows 8, to Windows Phones, to Xbox and Kinect consoles and accessories, to a wide array of first and third-party software titles, our goal is to introduce you to the best choice, value and service we have to offer.”

Oh, and lest I forget, here are the five new locations:

  • Natick Mall, Natick, Massachusetts
  • Ala Moana Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Pioneer Place, Portland, Oregon
  • The Somerset Collection, Troy, Michigan
  • Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, Illinois

If you happen to live anywhere near these places, you will soon be able to purchase everything from laptops and desktop computers to Windows powered tablets and smartphones, consoles and accessories as well as the latest software products carrying the Microsoft logo.

These new stores are part of the company’s plan of increasing its retail footprint to directly reach out to users. These retail locations not only allow customers to test out the latest Microsoft products, but also receive expert advice and guidance if needed.

The technology giant also reportedly plans on expanding its retail presence in Europe later this year, with a rumored Microsoft Store set to open in London, England soon. And when it does, you can be sure of the trademark Microsoft launch party.

In any case, let the good times flow!

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