Microsoft Confirms More Specialty Store Opening Dates

Microsoft sure does seem to like the retail business. Since changing directions from a software provider to a devices and services company, Redmond has increased its focus on opening more and more Microsoft Stores across the United States.

In fact, the US and Canada are not the only markets getting action — word is that Microsoft has also targeted major European countries and will open new locations there in the near (in other words, not-so-distant) future.

But United States remains the immediate focus for now. And the company is planning to supplement the actual Microsoft Stores with smaller specialty stores as well.

Redmond announced the opening of five such smaller stores in April, to go with the news of some larger Microsoft Store locations. Now the company has confirmed that it will soon be opening four more specialty stores in the country.

Microsoft made the announcement in a new press release.

The Westfield Galleria at Roseville, California will open doors to its specialty store on May 24, which will be followed by two new locations on June 5 — The Parks at Arlington, Texas and Twelve Oaks in Novi, Michigan.

And finally the Pacific Place in Seattle, Washington will open its specialty store on June 21.

This increased pace of launching new specialty stores is a clear indication that Microsoft is pleased with this new strategy. This method of directly selling company hardware and software under one roof is a win, not just for Microsoft but end consumers as well.

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