Microsoft Confirms Official Facebook And Flipboard Apps Are In Development

You can finally cross them off the list. Microsoft just announced at BUILD that a bunch of high profile apps are coming to the Windows 8 platform in the very near future.

The foremost amongst them is the official Facebook app.

For quite some time it looked that it may be a while before we get an official Facebook client for Microsoft’s flagship operating system. In fact, both companies were in a bit of a stalemate as far as this was concerned, but things seem to have settled down.

At the BUILD keynote address, Microsoft confirmed that a Facebook app is indeed in the works, complete with a Modern UI and exclusive Windows 8 features.

And not just that, the company also announced that an official Flipboard app for Windows 8 is also in development. The popular newsreader app is a hit on the iOS and Android platform, but according to a quote from the CEO Mike McCue, Flipboard for Windows 8 will be the best version of Flipboard possible.

Microsoft also announced that the NFL will release a Windows 8 Fantasy Football app for the 2013 NFL season. That is one to keep an eye on for football fans.

No details yet on when these apps will hit the Windows Store, or what they will look like. But during the keynote address a Windows 8 Start screen image did show up with Live Tiles for the Facebook and Flipboard apps. This will do as our first clue.

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