Microsoft Confirms Temple Run Brave For Windows 8

Next to productivity and communication, mobile users really have a thing going for video games. One quick look at the number of sales and downloads for casual games and it becomes clear just how much.

Several successful developers and franchises have made their mark on smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft, late as it was to the mobile game, admittedly still has a fair amount of catch up to do in this area. The number of games available in the Windows Store is continually rising, but several big names are yet to mark their arrival.

Well you can strike one name off the list.

The software giant revealed in a recent blog post that Temple Run Brave for Windows 8 development is almost complete, and the game should be out for download any moment now:

“Join Merida as you run, slide, jump, turn and shoot your way across the wilds of Scotland on an endless running adventure. Hone your archery skills by tapping targets to shoot a bull’s eye and earn extra coins. Beautiful visuals and a full-screen layout immerses you in the world of Temple Run Brave and the wilds of Scotland. Snap the game to pause and show a list of achievements”.

While Microsoft has not said a thing about the expected released date, it is not unreasonable to expect the game to launch on the Windows Store in the next month or so — particularly considering that the technology titan wants to bring as many exciting titles as it can ahead of the Windows Blue debut.

Redmond also took the opportunity on the official Windows blog to provide a roundup of several gaming titles coming to the Windows 8 platform.

The announcement was made at GDC (Game Developer Conference), by the way, and includes a dozen gaming titles. Some are already available in the Windows Store, while others are coming soon.

Things are looking brighter by the day, as far as an increase in quality apps for Windows is concerned.

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