Microsoft Confirms The Release Of Surface RT In 13 New Markets

As expected, the Surface RT went on sale in 13 new countries on Valentine’s Day. Redmond is somewhat struggle to sell its first tablet, and hopes that this increased availability in important markets will help provide sales a much needed boost.

In a statement on the official Surface blog, Microsoft said:

“The phased rollout of Surface RT into new markets marks a pivotal moment for our customers who can now access and purchase Surface devices in more places. With new and expanded availability to more people around the world, we’re eager for customers to get their hands on Surface RT and see how it can enhance their day to day lives.”

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland are the countries that have now started selling the slate, and if all goes according to plan will be joined by more countries soon, according to Redmond.

Who knows, we may even soon get some statistics thrown our way too. Microsoft has been absolutely mum on the number of Surface RT units sold months into release of its first tablet.

Analysts and retailers in the United States, however, point a somewhat bleak picture of the early uptake of the Windows RT powered device, with many citing the lack of apps as one of the reasons for the struggling sales.

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