Microsoft Continues to Encourage Developers to Build Windows Phone 7 and 8-Friendly Apps

Now that Windows Phone 8 is on the market, Microsoft is seeing pretty strong success in major markets. They have even started releasing the Nokia Lumia 620 for those in developing markets like Thailand that want a modern WP8 handset but can’t afford higher-end devices like the Lumia 920.

Still, even if the future is clearly in Windows Phone 8 for Microsoft, they don’t seem ready to move on from Windows Phone 7 just yet. Windows Phone 7 works with single-core processors and cheap hardware that can allow them to release budget devices that are off-contract and yet still under the $200 mark.

This is why it is no surprise to hear that Microsoft is working on ways to make things easier for app developers that want to tailor their apps to Windows Phone 8 while still providing updates to the Windows Phone 7 version.

The WP Market now allows multiple XAP files under the same GUID, this means numerous versions can exist under the one developer and the Market can identify which version of Windows Phone a device is running– and pinpoint users to the correct version. A developer can also automatically update apps to Windows Phone 8 using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Software.

The initiative is aimed at keeping Windows Phone 7’s app market alive it seems, making it easier for app developers to maintain both versions of their apps with ease. For more details on how it all works, hit the source link below.

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