Microsoft Convinces More Companies To Move To Windows 8

While home consumers, obviously, make up the bulk of Windows users, one of Redmond’s strengths in the operating system arena is its grip over businesses and companies. With the release of its new platform, the company is hard at work convincing businesses to make the move to Windows 8.

Organizations, in particular, that are still running the vintage Windows XP.

Over the past few months, Microsoft has signed several deals with companies and organizations to bring its new OS on countless computers the world over. While the recent contract with US Department of Defense was a big win, several smaller victories also make headlines.

As parts of its efforts to convince companies to drop Windows XP and move to a newer version of the OS, Microsoft recently penned a deal with UAE’s Union National Bank (UNB) for Windows 8 to power the bank’s workstations. As Ziad Rizk, the commercial sector sales manager at Microsoft Gulf noted:

“To reinforce its commitment, Microsoft has provided the highest level of quality assurance guarantees at all stages of the project to enable an enhanced usage experience with Windows 8. We are also very pleased that, as part of this agreement, UNB will be the first bank in the UAE to roll out the recently launched Windows 8 on all its PCs and commend the bank on its innovative approach.”

The Asia-Pacific region has traditionally been a stronghold for Microsoft software products, and Indonesia is no different. According to TempoInteractive, Redmond is attempting something similar here as well.

Microsoft has already swayed an Indonesian shipping company by the name of Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line to upgrade. Lars Gruenitz, the director of operations at APOL had this to say:

“In order not prevent disruption we decided to migrate to Windows 8 Enterprise.”

Lucky Gani, the Windows Business Group lead of Microsoft Indonesia, added:

“We would also like to target consumers or direct users, and provide trainings to facilitate the use of Windows 8.”

So then, it is become clearer with each passing day that Redmond, having already pursued consumers, is now shifting attention to the business end of things. Corporate and enterprise users are now centered into focus — a lot of will depend on them as far as the overall success of Windows 8 goes.

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