Microsoft Could Soon Be Forced To Expand Its Fargo Campus

Fargo is one of the company’s major Microsoft Dynamics development centers, and the place where products like Dynamics, Office, SQL Server and Visual Studio are developed.

And by the looks of things it could soon be running out of office space.

The number of employees working in Microsoft’s campus in south Fargo is growing at a brisk pace, so much so that the company may have to lease extra space as soon as 2015 if this keeps up.

A statement by Don Morton, the site leader at Microsoft Fargo, said that the three buildings on the main campus are almost full and outlining some expansions plans is now a priority:

“We know our buildings are full now, and so we have to go out into the lease market, which we are exploring. And we also know in the long run, it’s better business to build your own rather than to lease.”

According to a report by, the company also employs an additional 170 people at Woodhaven Plaza in Fargo, and plans to move all of them to the main campus once construction on all the buildings is complete.

The Fargo campus was established way back in 2001 with Microsoft’s acquisition of Great Plains Software, and along with research and development teams, it also houses customer service, IT support, sales and marketing professionals.

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