Microsoft Creates New Consulting Arm As Part Of Reorg

July 7, 2020
Microsoft Campus

Microsoft continues its July tradition of announcing and implementing a structural reorg within the company, and this latest one brings if centered on bringing changes to its Customer Success unit.

Things stared back in 2016, with the Nokia shakeup, and then we got a new division classification for fiscal reporting in 2018. A reorganization within the Azure and Windows divisions was the highlight in 2019, and in 2020, the company is once again shifting chairs on its deck.

This time, the idea is to focus on field sales.

According to this report by Mary Jo Foley, there are signs of a recent change within the walls at Microsoft where the company is looking to improve its customer use and engagement across its product and services portfolio.

Company officials are shooting for more support-role clarity and improved rightsizing of customer support plans with these latest moves.

However, unlike the dark days of 2017 where thousands of employees were let go, this new reorganization does not appear to be accompanied by the customary downsizing the Microsoft has recently become known for.

It’s just shifting titles and daily work focus of the current workforce.

In addition to this shuffle, Foley also believes that Microsoft is on the brink of establishing a new Microsoft Consulting arm that will, the company hopes, expand the product offerings of its field sales teams.

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