Microsoft CTO Talks AI, Mixed Reality Plans

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott became Microsoft CTO two years ago, after spending six years directing software engineering at LinkedIn. And one of his main duties now is to identify technologies to invest in.

The Seattle based company may have missed out on a number of technological revolutions, including most notably, the rise of smartphones. But Scott now wants to ensure that nothing similar happens again.

In an interview with Fortune, the Microsoft CTO shared his insights about the areas that Redmond is going all in. The key domains being artificial intelligence, deep learning and mixed reality.

On how Microsoft efforts in AI are different from other companies, Scott said:

“We’re a platform company by DNA. If you listen to how Bill Gates has always defined what a platform company is, it’s one that builds technology that creates all of this opportunity in which you don’t have all of the economic value concentrated in one company. We’re increasing the overall size of the pie. The PC, for instance, created an enormous economic opportunity. We see AI as essentially the same thing.”

He further explained how the companies is focused on building technologies that lower the barriers to entry in the field so that a much larger pool of developers can use machine learning in their products and services.

Also touched upon were how automation will factor into all this, as well his thoughts on virtual reality and augmented reality and what investments Microsoft is making in this dynamic field.

Oh, and if you’re excited about quantum computing, there is a line about that in this talk too.

Give it a read at the link above.

And if podcasts float your root beer, then Kevin Scott has one going here, where he goes behind the scenes with innovators and pioneers. Only 5 episodes up, Behind the Tech, but there is good stuff here if you’re into this sort of things.

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