Microsoft Defender Coming To iOS, Android This Year

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Microsoft is bringing its antivirus technology to iOS and Android. Microsoft Defender coming to guard these two platforms is all part of the company’s broader Microsoft 365 strategy.

The one where the firm wants you to be able to use all its services — no matter the platform being used.

Android, Linux, iOS, macOS, what have you.

The software titan announced this move in a post saying that it will be sharing more details about the Defender Advanced Threat Protection for iOS and Android next week at the RSA Conference, which will provide a preview of the company’s investments in mobile threat defense.

Redmond already launched a preview of its Defender antivirus for Mac last spring, Linux support has been confirmed today, and an extension to the two most popular mobile operating platforms only makes sense.

What’s unclear for the mobile versions is how exactly will it work, and what features will be available.

Apple is, after all, terribly strict when it comes to opening up its iOS platform to security vendors. It is the reason why apps are not allowed to scan for malware across an iPhone or iPad, unlike Android security apps.

While the Mac version of Defender does offer antivirus protection and full machine scans, it is possible that Microsoft will only focus on angling its iOS mobile app at more than virus protection.

Perhaps preventing phishing attempts is something that the enterprise market may find valuable.

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