Microsoft Demos Project N, A New Compiler To Speed Up Windows 8.1 Apps

Some would say that apps are one of the best things to happen to the Windows platform, and they would be right. While software has historically always been the forte of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform, apps have opened up exciting new horizons, elaborate new frontiers.

And in order to eke out the last ounce of performance from Windows 8.1 apps, Microsoft is working on a new project (going by the name of Project N) that could help speed the performance and load times of future apps.

The company demonstrated the project live at its Visual Studio 2013 launch event. The demo used the Fresh Paint app for Windows 8.1 on two Surface tablets.

According to ZDNet, one slate was running the regular version of the app, and the other utilized a special coding method that compiled .NET code to native code directly — guess that is where the Project N codename comes from.

The end result? The Fresh Paint app with the new code not only loaded faster but also performed better than the regular variant. So far, so good.

But what is not exactly clear is how this new compiler will be used in app development.

It is speculated that Windows 8.1 app developers could submit their regular apps to the Windows Store, and Redmond will then make use of this new technology to improve the performance of the application before release.

And while Microsoft is so far mum on the matter, there are chances that the software giant may formally release the technology sometime next year.

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