Microsoft Has Designed An AI ATM


If you thought your local ATM could use some smart features, then gather round. Microsoft may well have a solution for you, as the company has designed what can be called an AI ATM.

Basically, an automatic teller machine that uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing services.

This is a proof of concept that has been designed in collaboration with the National Australian Bank, and makes use of Azure Cognitive Services that removes the need for physical cards or devices to access cash from ATMS.

Instead, customers that are opted into the service are able to withdraw cash using facial recognition and a PIN.


Steve Worrall of Microsoft talked about how cloud computing and AI present the opportunity for a new generation of financial services to be developed and deployed at scale:

“We believe AI will profoundly impact financial services and the sorts of solutions that banks will be able to deliver in the future. For a consumer-facing application such as the AI-powered ATM we’ve developed with NAB, this sort of continuous AI innovation is important.”

NAB believes that this ATM is a look into what the future might hold for the way customers access banking products and services. Cloud technology, they say, is the driver of these world leading features and capabilities.

For this reason, the bank is focused on its digital transformation and how to transition to the cloud. It is trying to identify patterns and then deploy a set of automated landscapes for its developers.

Written by Melanie Russell

Melanie Russel lives in rural North Carolina. With a degree in statistics, his research interests include probability theory, time series analysis and network flow dynamics. When not geeking out over AI technologies, she is likely to be geeking over film, software or pretending to play the guitar.

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