Microsoft: Desktop Will Play A Key Role In Windows Blue

Redmond is getting ready to release the first major upgrade for Windows 8, and from the way things are looking, it seems that the software titan is focusing a fair bit more on the desktop working environment, this time around.

Tami Reller, the chief financial officer and chief marketing officer of the Windows division said in an interview with The New York Times that Microsoft had planned a number of changes to Windows Blue.

No specifics were provided, but Reller explained that the desktop would continue to be an important art of the company’s strategy — no surprises here, as the desktop indeed remains the number one working environment for many Windows users.

And Reller, herself, confirmed the importance of the desktop:

“We started talking about the desktop as an app. But in reality, for PC buyers, the desktop is important.”

There have been voices in some circles that Microsoft could completely abandon the desktop in Windows 9 and the Metro UI could come into play as the sole focus of the software titan, as touch-based user interfaces play an increasingly important role for Microsoft’s vision of the future.

But for now it seems that the desktop is — and will remain — an integral part of Windows. And as far as the traditional desktop and laptop users are concerned, this working environment is set to remain the main choice, at least for the foreseeable future.

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